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Austria greatest ski paradise
760km of slopes, summer attractions and sceneries beyond imagination.

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In winter you can enjoy the cross-country ski trail located less than 500 meters away, and in summer you can take various hiking and cycling routes starting from the property's facilities.


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Spend unforgettable moments with us, in our place, in the heart of Wagrain.

It seems like some wizard hidden lives in this village. People suddenly left everything behind them and come to take up residence here. Besides famous writer Karl Heinrich Waggerl (1897 – 1973 ) also Joseph Mohr (1792 – 1848 ) the author of the famous poem „Peaceful night, holy night“ came to live here. Up to today constantly live fascinating and full of secrets cultural influence of Wagrain in hand down traditions as well as new, unique celebrations and customs. Monuments of culture, Wager’s house, museum of rural household, manifestations like music and theatre on Markplat’s square, Kurbss festival, “celebration on the hill” or unique “season fire” – all of this are witnesses of this dedication.

Wagrain is located on 850 m height above sea level in the middle of Salzburg federal republic, surrounded with hills, meadows covered with flowers, forests and streams. Amazing and calm nature with all of its extraordinariness invites you to stay, walking thought beautiful nature. Central position of Wagrain is qualified also for organized trips for performance into the nature and cultural highlights in surroundings. Salzburg – city of festivals, Hohenwerfen castle, Liechtenstein gorge, splendid world of snow and ice during winter, village – national park Huttschlag or avenue Grossglocknerhochalpenstrasse are only some examples of numerous possibility.

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